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Exhibits and Shows

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In 1995 Sumter County officials agreed to a proposal from the group of 12 artists and provided free gallery space in the Sumter Sheriffs Annex in return for an opportunity to have fine art on their walls. Thus the Visual Arts Association was born. As the group expanded, it needed more structure, and in 1997 Bylaws were approved, officers elected and an Executive Board formed. These bylaws have been updated regularly due to the needs to accommodate growth opportunities. As may be seen in the venues listed in this Membership Year Book and on the web site, the VAA now provides many opportunities for members.

The Visual Arts Association is a “not for profit” organization that encourages members in their various fine art endeavors. Membership is open to all residents of The Villages who share an interest in fine arts. A number of venues allow members to show their art and to learn and advance their skills. A demonstration by a guest artist at meetings promotes interest and instruction in various techniques. The VAA promotes the Workshops of the Life Long Learning College throughout the year. The association supports local high school students with the opportunity to apply for scholarships.

VAA Officers and Committees 2017-2018
Phone numbers and E-mails are in the membership list
Executive Board
Elected Officers: President Nan Kohr
Vice-President Jack Ottilige
Secretary Marilyn Wright
Treasurer Maria Downton
Past Presidents & Board Members: Frank Zampardi, Rich Lohman, Marge McQueston, Lee Asta

Appointed Board Members:
Helen Poor; Connie Giacobbe, Wendy Lahey, Norma Parcell
VAA Newsletter Sara Castelli,
VAA Web Sara Castelli,
VAA Announcement Sara Castell,

Committee Chairpersons
Programs Norma Parcell, Diana Crow
Membership Wendy Lahey, Shannon Dowd-Assistant
Membership Liason - Bobbi Ruben
Publicity Iris Kaplan
Scholarship Helen Poor
Hospitality open
Exhibit Judge Assignments Ruth Ann Maury
Exhibit Installations Ruth Ann Maury- Team: Teri Behar, Eileen Sklon, Jerry Sundin, Jim Zatlukai
VAA Library Julie McGlone
Sunshine Jo Ruth Patterson
Art Trips Joal Litavsky
Directory TBD
Fall Fine Arts Show Diane Weekley
Winter Fine Arts Show Jo Magram
Annex Exhibit Bill Skeiczius
La Galleria Exhibit Billie Edwards
One Blood Bank Freddie Venturoni
Historian Eileen Sklon


The rules for each of the Exhibits and Shows are in this directory following the list of members and also published on the VAA web site, along with the registration forms.
Artists enter their art at their own risk of damage to their art.
If you have any questions, please contact the chairperson for the venue.
To find this information go to:
• Click on forms (left side of page)
• Click on the forms, rules, etc. of venue, print & follow directions
Schedule Dates for these Shows are on the page: VAA Dates to Remember.

Exhibits hang for the length of the show (from 2-3 months).
• Annex Sumter County: (Judged & Ribbons Awarded)
• La Galleria, La Hacienda: (Judged Show-Ribbons Awarded)
• One Blood Bank Show: (People’s Choice Awards)
Art in these shows can be for sale. Details are on the website.

Art Shows are one day events for artist members to show and sell their artwork.
• “ARTS” – Artists ‘Round the Square
• Fall Fine Art Show – Sea Breeze
• Winter Fine Art Show – Laurel Manor
VAA – Sponsored Learning Opportunities
• Workshop Groupies: Mulberry Center

VAA Meetings: Membership meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Friday of each month except for July & August, at 12:30 PM in the Ricardo Montalban Room at La Hacienda Recreation Center. The Executive Board meets in the morning of the meeting.
The VAA Fiscal Year runs from September 1 to August 31 each year.

Exhibits are opportunities for members of the Visual Arts Association to enter their art work in a judged exhibit and are displayed for a period of 2 – 3 months.
Annex Exhibits; La Galleria Exhibits;
• Each artist may enter one piece of artwork per exhibit.
• The work must be framed or gallery wrapped, wired, clean and in good condition.
• Work must not exceed 42” in either direction.
• Work must not be more than five years old.
• Work must be original. Reproductions of other artists’ work, composition, published photos, greeting cards or prints of any kind are not acceptable.
• Work done in a workshop may be eligible for entry only if the subject matter and reference materials is that of the artist.
• No religious, political themes or nudes will be accepted.
• Work must remain for the entire length of the show.
• Artwork must be exhibited one time only at exhibit venue.
• In the event that a theme is announced for a show, an artist’s work must reflect the theme to qualify for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize.
Exhibit Committee Chair reserves the right to decline an entry into a specific exhibit for failure to follow the stated rules.

In the event a painting is sold, the artist should contact the Exhibit Committee Chair or arrange for removal and a suitable replacement of similar size submitted. Under no circumstance is artwork to be removed by the Artist. The artist is to receive 100% of the sale price for sold artwork.

SHOW Rules
These shows are 1 day events where members of the Visual Arts Association can exhibit and sell their work. Please see rules for participation.
Artists ‘round The Square (ARTS)
• Each artist MUST enter three (3) framed or gallery wrapped pieces of art work that is the original creation of the artist. It maybe be the original painting, print or giclee.
• Work must be displayed on ONE (1) easel.
• Work that is exhibited must not have won previously at any A.R.T.S
• Each artist may have up to TWO (2) browse racks to display originals, prints and giclees which must be labeled as such. Greeting cards of the artist’s work can be included in browse racks.
• Entry fee is $15.00 Browse racks are $5.00 each. No refunds will be given to the artist who pulls out of the show after the registration deadline.
• All registrations must be received one (1) week before the show. There will be no exceptions.
• Location for the artist will be assigned by lottery by the Entertainment Dept.
• The Artist must remain with their work for the duration of the show, which runs from 1:00 to 4:00PM
• VAA cards must be on the lower left hand corner of the three displayed pieces of art. Cards must have the title, artist’s name, medium, whether its original, print, or giclee, price, & phone number clearly printed. The VAA cards can be printed off the web site:
• Peoples Choice: The public attending the show will vote for one piece of art. Ribbons and monetary award are presented at the end of the show.
• Artist retains 100% of sale.

Fall and Winter Fine Arts Show Rules
Members entering their art at their own risk and signing the registration form says you have read the rules and waives the responsibility of the VAA & the Recreation Center.
• Artists must be paid up, participating, active members of the VAA.
Type of Art Allowed:
• Art must be artist’s own design and work.
• Art of political, religious and nudity subjects will not be allowed.
• Only artwork of the type listed in the registration form will be accepted.
• Winter Fine art show is a 2D Fine Art Show
• Fall Fine Art show is a 2D and 3D Fine Art Show with FINE ART that is created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness and is not utilitarian.
The following art, while beautiful, will not be allowed in the shows: Pottery, Jewelry, crafts or anything that is utilitarian (has a usefulness, i.e. dishes etc.)

Registration dates are on the application. Submissions postmarked prior to these dates will not be accepted. Assignments are allotted based on the USPS date stamp. You will receive an e-mail to let you know your space number. If your choices could not be accommodated we will call you for options. Please save the map and your space choices.
Registration deadline is stated on the application. A waiting list in the order of date postmarked will be kept in the event there is a cancellation.
Doors open at 7:00 AM the day of the show – You must be set up by 8:30 and DO NOT BREAK DOWN YOUR DISPLAY UNTIL 3:00pm. If you leave prior to this you will not be allowed in next year’s shows.
• All artists should use VAA art display cards available on the website for pricing their art.

• Artist’s tables must be covered with a cloth down to the floor on all sides. All packing boxes, etc. must be stored under the table or moved to the artist’s vehicle. Space on all sides of your table must be free of debris. Tables are not to be moved, safety requirement of the VCDD.

• If you have 1 table, there is room for browse boxes and/or easels. If you have 2 tables, there will not be room for these.

• Spaces without tables may have as many easels, display screens and browse boxes as will neatly & safely fit in the 12 x 6 ft. area. Packing boxes etc. will need to be stored in your car.

Once you have unloaded your vehicle and you are set up you are requested to park further away from the building to allow room for the viewing public.

Room Hostesses will be available if you need a break or need to use facilities. DO NOT abuse this time as there may be other artists that need a break. Try to limit to 10-15 minutes.

Please remember to wear your VAA Name Tag.
If you have any questions, please contact the Show Chairman listed on the registration form.