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VAA artwork and membership information.

Membership and Dues Renewal Form  PDF  Word

Membership Privileges: Click here for a printable list

Volunteer opportunities: Click here for a printable list

Art ID card is affixed to the bottom left corner on front of the artwork. It must be displayed on each piece of art filled in completely. Get Art ID card.

Art Tracking form is attached on the bottom left rear of the artwork and is verification of the venues in which that piece of art has been shown.  Get Art Tracking Form.

Review proper Framing vs Improper, click HERE

QR code to place on materials to direct to VAA website. Get here




Bylaws for VAA

Get VAA Bylaws (2015 approved 10/15)    

Scholarship Application

for Lake, Marion and Sumter county graduating high school seniors in Visual Arts.

2017 Art Scholarship Application Package

Supportive Information for Guidance Counselors and Art Teachers for completing Scholarship Forms  2017 Supportive Information

Venue-specific forms with registration and rules, including basic rules for showing artwork by The Villages

Be sure to have the Art ID card and the Art Tracking Card with your artwork-see above

Venue Application Rules Misc
Annex, Sumter County
Form & Rules - Oct 2017    
Fall Fine Art Festival
2017  Rules,  Entry Form   2017 Room layout
Winter Fine Art Festival
2018 Entry Form   Rules   2018 Room Layouts
Artists 'Round the Square

Entry Form & Rules    

Reg Form Winter 2018   Rules

Reading and Printing  pdf files

  • Adobe Reader is required to read and print the forms. Most computers have it installed already, but a free and up to date copy may be obtained from
  • If you experience problems opening the pdf file, installing a fresh new copy of Reader usually clears the problem.
  • PDF Portable Document Format - can be read and printed on any computer without compromising the original integrity of the document.