vaa 2014


November 2017 VAA newsletter - click here   4 pages

List of Officers & Chairmen - found under Contact

Reading and Printing the newsletter pdf file

  • Adobe Reader is required to read and print the newsletter. Most computers have it installed already, but a free and up to date copy may be obtained from
  • If you experience problems opening the pdf file, installing a fresh new copy of Reader usually clears the problem.
  • You may enlarge the font for viewing by clicking on the + (plus) sign located in the middle of the Reader toolbar, by clicking the -  (minus) sign you may reduce the font size. This is for on-screen viewing, it does not affect the output to the printer.
  • You may print all the pages, which will appear in the original fonts and layout, by clicking on the printer icon in the Reader toolbar.
  • You may print only certain pages by using the File from the menu bar of Reader. After clicking File, click Print in the dropdown menu, mid-point of the printer box selection, enter the page or pages you want to print.
  • PDF Portable Document Format - can be read and printed on any computer without compromising the original integrity of the document.